This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from Woozy boss EMA as she returns to the Lot Radio in New York for her second outing on the station this year. The Dublin-based DJ brings a collection of sub-rattling grooves to the Big Apple, dipping in and out of mutated break glitches, cavernous 140 half-steppers, and more.

Bray-born, Dublin-based, Bristol-influenced, EMA has been on a roll in recent years. Since moving home to Dublin in 2019 after a stint in Berlin, the low-end enthusiast has been going from strength to strength. With appearances on Boiler Room, Hör, a new Rinse residency, and a number of high-profile gigs across The Cause, Printworks, Public Records, and more, EMA has been making her presence known within the world of low-end futurism.

As Woozy label boss and head booker at Tengu, EMA has been tirelessly pushing for a more dynamic and forward-thinking dance music scene in Dublin City. Taking inspiration from various corners of club culture, EMA has been militant in her approach to curating an eclectic & validated space for late-night dancing in the heart of Dublin.

EMA’s return to The Lot Radio is a sonic trip through the deep-seated basins of contemporary soundsytem culture. EMA dips in and out of various atmospheres – at times dark and sinister before swiftly running down a rabbit hole of glitching post-modern electro cuts. EMA once again showcases why she is one of the most respected names in Irish dance music in 2023.

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