Emmie once again demonstrates why she is without a doubt one of the best techno DJs to emerge from Dublin’s club scene in the previous year. The rising artist made her debut on Efa O’Neil’s Out Of Space radio show, a rite of passage for any emerging Irish selector, and she delivered a beautiful hour of nuanced percussive rhythms merging vintage Swedish techno sounds with contemporary groove-laced cuts.

Dublin Digital Radio and Efa O’Neill‘s Out Of Space programme have become essential hubs for discovering some of Ireland’s best new DJs, as Efa carefully curates her show with a diverse assortment of mixes, regularly hosting some of the most intriguing sounds from the new wave of Irish talent, including the most recent one from Emmie, one of the countries best new talents.

Emmie delivers a perfectly orchestrated hour mix, superbly exercising each mix, utilising long blends and some snappier ones as she mesmerizingly marries one percussive techno cut into the next, demonstrating exactly why timing, patience, and good selections are the fundamental components of good DJ set, and if you nurture them as Emmie does, you can make a seemingly simple mix sound extremely complex.

Each track is carefully chosen and expertly layered, resulting in a continuous wave of sound that keeps listeners locked in right from the start until the very end. Emmie’s meticulous attention to detail and instinctive sense of pace guarantee that the mix never loses momentum, while also moving from entangled Neopilatan cuts into more close-fisted Chicago bangers, rolling drum-heavy sucker-punches and more.

There is bravery in simplicity; it is easier to overdo a mix like this with too much work on the mixer and rushing to introduce and fade out tracks. Emmie’s housey approach to a techno mix is a refreshing contrast from the sea of chop-heavy hip-house, ‘hardgroove’ DJs.

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