Havik provides a tribal-licked hypnotic journey through dizzying soundscapes for stilte•——•coupé’s 15th instalment of their mix series.

Few names have recently captured the attention of the Irish techno scene like Havik‘s. The youngster’s relentless music output, combined with a slew of gigs and mixes, has meant he has been quite literally force-feeding his product down any techno fan’s throat, a statement that usually comes with negative connotations, but in Havik’s case, if you’ve got working ears and legs that move I’m sure you’re just as pleased as any sane person to hear as much of his stuff as possible.

His latest mix for Dutch outfit stilte———coupé is yet another declaration of intent, as he jumps right into the good stuff. The mix immediately captures your attention with a deep, atmospheric beginning that sets the tone for what follows. Havik’s track selection is meticulous, blending aspects of old 90s loop-laden bliss with avant-garde sound-design heavy bangers.

The youngster deftly cranks up and down the intensity, flicking the energy like a yoyo, weaving in and out of pounding Berghain-inspired rhythms to more bouncy Dutch cuts, the type of sounds you’d expect to hear shaking the sun-kissed walls of Amsterdam’s Bret.

This session demonstrates Havik’s ability to weave through the deeper, more subtle side of techno while also layering peak-time growlers, resulting in a rich tapestry of sound. Havik once again shows us exactly what he’s made of.

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