The mix of the week returns with yet again another Irish legend, this time it’s Jamie Behan. The Berlin based techno maverick has supplied a jaw-dropping mix for London based collective, Warehouse Manifesto.

It’s rare to see a DJ reach the heights of Jamie Behan for simply being a damn good DJ. But you know what, Jamie does just that. The Cork native has been rocking clubs, festivals & warehouses, for decades and he does it with absolute precision.

Trying to describe Behan’s sound is quite frankly utterly pointless, as I’ve genuinely never heard a set from him that sounds remotely similar to the last. All I can say is that Jamie likes to play hard and most certainly fast. Jamie’s garnered a reputation of being a three deck master and running through an absurd amount of tracks during his time in the booth. His credibility of being a DJ’s, DJ, has seen the Cork man throw it down in Tresor, Griessmuehle, about:blank, Corsica Studios, as well as featuring across Europe in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Malta & many more.

Jamie’s put together an hour and half mix for Warehouse Manifesto that would have most seasoned selectors quaking in their boots. Cork’s godfather of techno has managed to squeeze in 49 tracks in just 90 minutes. Jamie’s somehow mixed just under 2 tracks a minute, which is absolute world class. Moving through slamming techno, hypnotic elements, ghetto, breaks, rave, electro and uncategorizable tools. I’ve found myself studying this mix like a book, how does Behan blend so many contrasting styles with such prowess?

One of my favourite DJs for many years, that always delivers storming sets of high energy, superbly mixed, techno and maybe a bit of electro when the mood takes him. Never a man to dwell on a track either – they are heading out as soon as they are in, keeping the mix moving in every which way and providing a very interesting and ever evolving blend of beats and grooves.

This is simply world class.

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