This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from two of Dublin’s most adept cross-genre selector’s, Lesko & Jio. The pair joined forces for an hour of twitching break-beats and bass quaking vibrations, with the duo’s fingers firmly on the pulse of Irish bass exports.

Lesko & Jio have been frequently sharing the booth with each other within the last 12 months, wether it’s wind down jams on a Sunday evening or earth shaking wobblers on a Saturday night, the pair have been frequently familiarising themselves with each other’s musical palette. Some of the best B2B’s are totally off the cuff, but a lot of the time the crème de la crème of B2B’s comes from those who have spent the hours on the training ground together, and this seem’s to be the case with Lesko & Jio.

The pairing’s slapstick artwork for their first appearance on Rinse together would suggest a somewhat tongue n’ cheek affair, as the set of Dublin selectors guest on Lobster Theremin‘s weekly show, this time hosted by Poppy who takes the reins monthly. There’s not a whole lot of fooling around as the pair scramble through a host of functional chunky bass grooves. Jio and Lesko effortlessly flirt around the fringes of UK dance music but with an Irish twist, as the hour mix is packed to the brim with subterranean Irish exclusives.

Lesko and Jio followed in the footsteps of Poppy who supplied an subby hour of dub influenced grooves. The Dublin pairing followed in a similar fashion, beginning the mix with kaleidoscopic drum grooves and elastic synth lines as PLUS ONE & New Members kick start the Irish sub heavy exclusives with a rather chic touch. The mix soon scurries down a tribal rabbit hole, as intricate drum grooves meet gleaming stabs. Lesko and Jio squeeze the pressure, and show absolutely no sign of taking their foot of the gas in the concluding minutes of the mix as they venture into murky waters of Sir Spyro on TEKKERZ. The mix comes full circle and concludes on some more PLUS ONE, as the pair finish on an icy and elated Dublin moment.

This is your Friday soundtrack.

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