This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from Circuit Structure boss Offtrack, who shares a live recording from his closing set at his label showcase at Club MO1 in Berlin. The Mullingar native delves deep into his crates, shifting through a range of dancefloor weaponry ranging from churning hypnotic rhythms to pounding Chicago-tinged slammers, skipping percussive cuts, and much more, cementing his status as a true DJs DJ.

DJs like Offtrack don’t come around too often any more. The young selector exudes composure, poise and utter proficiency. Offtrack’s style of DJing isn’t flashy; it’s more heads down, deep in the crates, mining for weaponry. Although his mixing approach is far from ostentatious, his skills are among the best in the country. The Circuit Structure boss’s emphasis on the finer and more nuanced aspects of DJing makes him a reptilian-style DJ, easily adaptable to any situation while remaining unrivalled in his ability to unearth subtle dancefloor gems at the right moments.

The art of the selector appears to have been forgotten in techno as of late; in a period where mixing is handled as a sport, the refined and traditional approach to DJing, where a DJ’s prime focus is selecting the best records they can for that given time seems somewhat radical. The idea of carving out a story and a pathway to dancefloor discovery has always been at the cornerstone of Offtrack’s DJing. A digger in every sense of the word, Offtrack can transport dancers from a deep hypnotic state to a fury of jerking ghetto sucker punches in the blink of an eye, or rather the flip of a fader.

Offtrack’s latest live recording, taken directly from the murky floor of Berlin’s Club M01, the Labworks resident demonstrates a more breakneck approach to DJing than he may associated with. In charge of the closing set Offtrack is throwing everything at the crowd from the menacing sounds of Stef Mendesisdis – ‘Cyborg’ to the heavenly strings of James Ruskin’s ‘Detached’, the set is consistently juxtaposing itself, flipping itself on its head, tunnelling down uncharted and often trance-inducing slopes before smashing back in with some relentless vigour. Offtrack is living by the sword for just over three hours and there’s no better swordsman for the job.

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