Ôneyra delivers a captivating dark and cinematic techno set for London club institution, FOLD’s DECECT series.

Ôneyra‘s deep and multidimensional approach to DJing has taken her to clubs across Europe, making her a resident at Berlin party Inline and a fixture on the Irish festival circuit. Her sniper-like approach to mixing can be perfectly described as controlled chaos.

Her latest podcast is part of the coveted FOLD DETECT series. The Berlin-based DJ joins an impressive list of previous guests, which includes UVB, Blasha & Allat, Perc, Exium, Gigi FM, and Frazi.er, to name a few.

Ôneyra’s contribution to the mix series is a cavernous voyage into the darker, deeper realms of techno. The hour-long mix is a misty ode to the dancefloor, serving up primal grooves with complex yet functional sound design and rhythmic strength throughout. The Irish-born DJ’s approach to track selection results in a near-physical embodiment of rhythm, flow, and tenacity, compelling each track into the mix as if it had no choice but to be there.

The mix’s murky undertones and callous sound approach create an eerie atmosphere, but flashes of heavenly emotion flicker throughout as Ôneyra delicately turns the dial on an infectious yet unsettling podcast.

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