This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from Waterford based industrial techno up and comer Symøne, as she supplies a cataclysmic hour of ravey power for Rave Alerts RaveCast podcast series.

Symøne has been turning heads when it comes to industrial and rave soaked techno in both Ireland and Europe. Recent podcasts featuring on Fold London, The Brvtalist, Reboot and more have been the catalyst to Symøne’s success in recent times. These podcast’s lye alongside Symøne’s debut releases which came earlier this year, and make for a prominent foundation for future releases.

Symøne flirts around hard techno, industrial, rave and acid, taking inspiration from the 90’s rave scene and modern day distortion heavy artillery. Symøne’s unbiased approach to music has created a wide sound palette for the Waterford producer to explore, and this is showcased in her back catalogue of mixes, and in her label and party Enigma.

Symønes contribution to Rave Alert’s RaveCast showcases industrial power at it’s rawest, hardest and unapologetically in your face. The mix is busting with dark synth lines, hoovers, gabber influences and wrenching percussion hits. This mix screams warehouse rave, and extended dances in the dark.

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