This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from Research resident Taint as he features on Candian imprint Oneiros Records Dreamcast mix series ahead of his release with the label. The Dublin-based DJ is often known for his hands-on approach to mixing the harder spectrums of techno but for his hour-long contribution to the Oneiros Records mix series, he dives down a deeper rabbit hole of dub soundscapes and hypnotic dynamism.

Gary Kavanagh better known as Taint has released his first podcast in over two years on the recently established Oneiros Records for the third edition of their Dreamcast Mix Series. The Dublin-based DJ and producer has had a relentless schedule of both releases and shows since nightlife resumed in Ireland post-covid. Boasting a frequent list of high-profile gigs at Life Festival, BD Festival, Index, Wigwam, and more, Taint is well versed at warming up a room as well as playing at peak-time slots.

Encompassing the best traits of a resident DJ, Taint clutches onto his vast experience behind the booth which spans over 10 years. Playing alongside esteemed acts such as Blawan, Shlomø, SPFDJ, Etapp Kyle, Remco Beekwilder, and more, Taint possesses a trusted quality to be able to adapt his sound while remaining faithful to his artistic vision, and this simply comes with a vast amount of years behind the wheel.

Taint’s contribution to the Dreamcast Mix Series see’s him burrow down the deep and trippy tunnel of cavernous techno grooves. Playing a mixture of original works alongside music from Alarico, Fixon, Introversion, Holden Federico, and more. Taint manages to create an intense journey through kaleidoscopic sounds while also shifting the energy downwards at critical junction points within the mix. This is a finetuned selection of ethereal and cutthroat techno weapons, combining both traditional Detroit flavours alongside contemporary churning warehouse rhythms.

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