Dublin’s newest party CLUB LOOSEN offers a space that is free from substances for those who want to enjoy themselves without using alcohol or drugs. Their debut event sees the party bring R.Kitt, Marcus O’Laoire & Minikomo to The Complex warehouse.

On Saturday the 8th of April CLUB LOOSEN present their debut event at The Complex in Smithfield, Dublin. Their new event series focuses on the concept of raving without the need for substances. For ravers in recovery, those who are trying to cut back or even those who just need a break from substances it can be difficult going to party without temptation of alcohol or drugs, and those under the influence can quite be distressing to sober dancers at times.

For people who want to enjoy themselves without using alcohol/drugs. It’s about being loose in yourself and the fun that can come from that. The party isn’t anti-substance use in general, it understands they can be fun / freeing however, this event wants to promote rave energy without the need for alcohol/drugs.

Their first lineup brings some of Ireland’s most renowned and in-demand DJs to the Dublin City Centre warehouse, The Complex. CLUB LOOSEN invite R.Kitt, Marcus O’Laoire & Minikomo on the 8th of April.

When you are in your bedroom dancing to a song you love, you aren’t concerned about how you dance, movement and dance just happens and unfolds out of you—if there is a goal that’s it.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

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