DDR, 1815 FC & CATU Liberties Rialto have joined forces to organise a community based marathon football match in Micheal Mallin Park on Vicar Street with music from DDR DJs all day. Michael Mallin Park is facing demolition for an eight-storey hotel, and the reconstruction will further add to the gentrification of the liberties in Dublin.

Dublin Digital Radio has served as one of the strongest driving forces within Dublin’s dance music community since its inception in 2016. The radio station works on a community focussed basis, and is entirely funded by it’s members ensuring that it remains independent of corporate influence and is run democratically by its growing community.

DDR has been located in the liberties in Dublin City Centre for many years and has always championed the area in any way possible, through grassroots community initiatives and drives. The station has become part and parcel of the local community, and has also been the instrumental in the vocalisation of preserving the heritage of the area.

On Sunday September 18th DDR will host a community based marathon football match in Micheal Mallin Park in collaboration with 1815 FC & CATU Liberties Rialto. The event will be host a soundsytem, DJs and the whole game will be broadcasted live on Dublin Digital Radio.

Micheal Mallin Park faces demolition for an eight-storey hotel and the game could possibly one of the few community driven projects in the space. Any support from the local community would be greatly appreciated.

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