Dancing For Money, a new london-based party focused on a cultural exchange between Ireland and the UK will host its first night in The Glove That Fits (a 150 capacity basement in Hackney) on the 15th of January 2022.

Travelling from Ireland to the UK for parties has become frequently common in recent years and in Covid times has become a weekly or monthly occurrence for many party goers. Whether it be Belfast, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Cardiff or any city in the UK that is known for its rave culture, the interchange between isles has become routinely frequent.

It’s about time that there is a definitive ‘cultural exchange’ club experience, between Ireland and England. While parties and clubs such as Jaded, Sub Club & a host of others, have been known to cross paths with Irish promoters and DJ’s on a regular basis, a conclusive exchange sounds fantastic.

The first party will consist of a cross-over between Ireland’s, Cait and the UK’s, Riva as the pair take control for the debut night.

Cait’s selection and technical prowess always bringing an inexplicable energy to the dancefloor, that leaves crowd’s feeling that they had been a part of something truly special. With a style that’s hard to pin down, Cáit’s selection is best described as sentimental and forward thinking; blurring the lines between past and present in compelling ways. Her recent performances at London’s Adonis, Radiant Love (of which she is a resident) in Berlin and an all night long set at Dublin’s beloved Yamamori Tengu solidify her status as one of Ireland’s best selectors.

Riva’s background originating in classical music and jazz, Riva fell under the spell of electronic music whilst growing up in the Middle East. From there, her taste and appreciation for music became borderless and eclectic, drawing inspiration from her British-Indian background and experiences of living in Hong Kong and South Africa. An internal member of Daytimers, a collective that champions South Asian artistry, Riva most recently released her debut track on “For the Community, by the Community” a compilation put together by Daytimers and Big Dyke Energy. Following her HOR debut in Berlin, many exciting projects lie on the horizon where Riva will combine her love for music and socio-political work.

Tickets range from £5-12.5 and are available from Wednesday 1st of December on Resident Advisor here.

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