E The artist presents the fourth installment of his party, Fight Night this Friday at Yamamori Tengu. The all-queer lineup presents some of Ireland’s most forward-thinking contemporary artists with music coming from Honeypot, Vietnamese Coffee, Club Comfort & Strawberries, and multimedia artists Dylan Gomery & Kilian Harrison.

Fight Night is one of Dublin’s newest club nights that aims to create a to create progressive space for minority communities. The club night run by E The Artist has previously worked with other collectives that promote inclusive spaces including Skin & Blister, Dublin Modular & Sim Simma. Tengu has been the home of Fight Night since its inception in August of last year and the venue and club night have created a queer and POC-embracing space.

Fight Night IV sees E The Artist collaborate with Honeypot, Vietnamese Coffee, Club Comfort & Strawberriesalongside multimedia artists Dylan Gomery & Kilian Harrison for an all-queer line-up & design team, the night is an embrace of not only the current Irish queer community but also the DIY collectives & artists that make it as beautiful & as it is.

The full lineup consists of Roo Honeychild, Angel Honeychild, Soria, Bull Horris, RhyzineRuby Red, LYCHEE, and E The Artist.

You can purchase tickets here.

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