A4 Sounds presents The Common Thread with Elijah & Gash Collective on June 24th for a unique event celebrating art, creativity, live music, and participation. The event will see London-based Elijah deliver a lecture, alongside Gash Collective who will facilitate a DJing and mixing workshop, and close the event with Live and DJ performances.

A4 Sounds welcomes Elijah & Gash Collective to their Gallery for ‘Make The Ting Dublin‘, a once-off event that focuses on the contemporary business of music in 2023 as they cover collaboration, creativity, marketing, and more. Make The Ting is a body of work that arose from Elijah’s online work Yellow Squares, where he released daily post-it style musings on creation on Instagram, encouraging artists and musicians worldwide. Elijah will be joined for this version of the project by Gash Collective, who will be teaching DJing and mixing following Elijah’s lecture and finishing the night with live and DJ performances.

The Common Thread forms part of our WOWTE Programme. It is a series of experiments and happenings that serve as an ongoing public discussion, drawing out shared themes and engaging audiences in an ongoing conversation about the goals and strategies of social change: What kind of society do we want and how should we get there?

Elijah best known for his work with Butterz Records is a hugely influential DJ, label head, writer, and content creator hailing from London. His yellow-posted notes have become a huge source of inspiration to DJs and musicians across the globe.

You can purchase tickets here.

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