Jägermeister’s #SaveTheNight campaign launches at Here & Now Club in Dublin, Friday 29th September. The campaign is in collaboration with one of Dublin’s most exciting new parties, The Shed Residents, as Jägermeister give the up and comers an opportunity to showcase a large-scale techno party amidst a late-night venue crisis in Ireland’s capital.

Jägermeister‘s global #SaveTheNight campaigns have been helping to improve nightlife across various countries from the USA, South Africa, Germany, England and more. The #SaveTheNight campaign has been ripping off the Covid-19 bandaid in various countries and offering both trade and creative communities the access to paid gigs, professional opportunities that further ignite the fire within grass-roots nightlife.

The erasure of dance spaces is an ongoing issue within Dublin’s dance music community, and the halting of new venues has silenced a generation of Irish electronic music. A new generation of DJs and producers are attempting to carve out a scene that they can identify with, but the lack of spaces has deprived them of their own voice. The Shed Residents are one group that have carved out an echo chamber within a stifled industry, and their unique take on club music events have captured the new blood within the Dublin club landscape.

Although The Shed Residents are one of the few success stories from a troubled dance music industry, the up and comers are still up against the continued loss of venues, rising cost of living, and the coercive ripple affect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jägermeister’s #SaveTheNight campaign has provided The Shed Residents with the opportunity of hosting one of the most captivating techno parties of the year in one of Dublin’s prime dance venues, Here & Now. They have laced together a lineup that combines two of techno’s most formidable DJs as they welcome Dr. Rubenstein and IMOGEN, alongside two of the countries most electrifying up and comers Jon10 and CULT, as well as their residents.

Jägermeister’s previous #SaveTheNight campaigns have seen the brand save a LGBTQ+ bar in the USA, help to build a solar-powered club in the UK, build a prejudice-free space run by Berlin crew Queer Trans Liberation, and much more. The arrival of the campaign in Ireland sparks an opportunity for new ideas, and fresh approaches to Irish club culture.

Their first event sees the revered Dr. Rubenstein arrive to Dublin for the first time since 2019, while Irish favourite IMOGEN returns following her standout performance at Kettama’s G-TOWN Festival in July. The two selectors are masters of their craft as Rubenstein is hailed as an avid digger and acid master, whilst IMOGEN’s devotion to slippery UK techno and hard-edged broken rhythms has made her one of the most exciting talents in contemporary techno.

The Shed Residents have also invited two of Ireland’s most intriguing new talents in the field of funk-glazed hardgroove techno as Jon10 and CULT join the bill, following standout performances across Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Paris and more. The event gives the up and comers an opportunity to play on the same bill as two modern masters, which is what #SaveTheNight is all about, giving young promoters and their scene a platform to grow and reach their audience at a large scale, that is oftentimes, not very feasible in the current climate. They have also invited their residents to join the bill as they look after the second room, and the opening slot in the main room. The team are known for their party-style DJing, and this will be no different as they play alongside a star-studded lineup.

Tickets for #SaveTheNight Irish Edition can be purchased here – limited availability.

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