Berlin based Mor Elian has been pushing her sound for time but recently has begun to rise to fruition in Europe. The Fever AM boss touches down in Dublin next month for a highly anticipated debut show in Ireland.

Mor Elian sound worms between house and techno but favours neither. A low end shaped sound with intricate sound design makes for a unique flavour in her records. The Berlin based artist has become known for compelling percussive loops and jagged leads.

Mor Elian has impressive back catalogue of releases with records featuring on Prime Numbers, Hypercolour, Visible Spectrum, Delft, various releases on her imprint Fever AM & more.

Last year Mor Elian began a new venture as she started up a project entitled ‘Alloy Sea’ dedicated to make atmospheric and down tempo cuts, often at a lengthy time-frame per track. It’s a real step inside of the mind of Mor Elian as she brings you through a somewhat deep sea submerged trip.

This comes as part of Limitless Dublins debut event as they strive to bring something new to Dublin; with fresh ideas, bookings and their approach to dance music. They’ve completed the lineup with up and comer Small Crab on support.

You can purchase tickets here.

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