MOTZ & Motif Paris team up to present ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ a unique event exhibiting art and music at Venue Mot London. The event’s aim is to bring attention to the revolution thats happening in Iran at the moment.

MOTZ collectives close ties and heritage routing in Iran has meant that the troubles in Iran have deeply the affected the team’s personal life. While living away from Iran, the team has felt somewhat helpless in supporting the countries current revolution, but felt that running an event in solidarity with Iran’s rebellion was a perfect way to not only raise awareness, but also funding.

Since this whole situation started in September I’ve been feeling so helpless watching what my people are going through and not being able to do anything. The bravery is inspiring and the fact that they’re willing to sacrifice their own lives for freedom in the country. Even a simple act of showing your hair without a hijab or just peacefully protesting can get you killed.”

I’ve posted a lot of stories but my engagement is getting worse in doing so, I’m not sure why that is. So I knew posting stories wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I have been apprehensive about posting publicly because my family are in Iran. If they find out what I’ve been posting that could have major repercussions for my own family and putting their lives at risk. So I’m trying to do this whole thing without putting them in danger, but I’m still worried.

The event will host a number of high profile DJs playing in aid of Iran’s revolution and protests on December 14th. MOTZ & Motif Paris will host Yasmin Gardezi, REDD OPHIS, Motif Paris & a secret guest DJ. The team are also yet to announce the visual artists for the event.

“I’m hoping by doing this event it will raise awareness and also provide relief to the families most affected by this ongoing situation. I really want peace for Iran. I haven’t been to Iran 13 years and it would be amazing to set foot in a country where I have equal rights to man and not worry about getting killed for showing my hair.”

You can purchase tickets to the event HERE.

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