Created from an abundance of passion and love, PXSSY PALACE co-founder, Nadine Noor Ahmad and BBZ co-founder Naeem Davis have joined forces to create Overflo Festival. The unique one-day gathering will take place on Sunday 18 September at Burgess Park, South London and will bring audiences the best homegrown and international Queer, Trans, Non-binary, Black, Indigenous and POC talent.

The multi-stage South London venue will bring audiences the very best of homegrown and international Queer, Trans, Non-binary, Black, Indigenous and POC talent. The international lineup of very special guests will be announced shortly and will champion emblematic sounds and genres from alt hip-hop and dance music to House and Dancehall. As well as workshops, discussions, arts and culture inspired by the community.

Overflo Festival has announced American rapper and global sensation, Saucy Santana to perform his first ever UK show at the debut queer celebration taking place on Sunday 18 September at Burgess Park, South London. 

Overflo Festival will unapologetically proclaim queerness, on the dance-floor and throughout the thoughtfully curated festival grounds. Created from years of experience, participation and experimentation Overflo is set to be a unique fixture for music and art within the emerging inclusive festival scene. Aiming to provide a liberating escape for the LGBTQ+ and BPoC community including the people who love and support them. 

Co-curators Ahmad and Davis are the creative directors behind PXSSY PALACE and BBZ, two of London’s most iconic club nights and the acclaimed travelling art festival Lesbiennale. Overflo centres music, art, care and culture and has been created and curated by Queer and Trans people of the global majority. Staff on site will be specially trained and intentional spaces designed with the comfort of typically marginalised festival-goers in mind will also be available. The Sanctuary will be among these spaces offering trans and non binary guests a moment away from the dance-floor to relax, rehydrate, engage with new ideas and commune, plus the option to charge their phone!

“As curators, we are concerned with queering everything we can, from opportunities to events. Overflo is no different. The festival is a natural progression from what we as a team have been doing with Lesbiennale, PXSSY PALACE, BBZ and The Sanctuary. People can expect meaningful curation, unforgettable experiences, care, and to come away feeling nourished and uplifted.” – Nadine Noor Ahmad

You can purchase tickets HERE.

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