On December 28th, Shampain and X CLUB. debut their first B2B set in the iconic Cork City Hall, one of Ireland’s most renowned dance spaces.

Shampain and X CLUB. join forces in the booth for the very first time on December 28th and the world exclusive B2B is taking place at an arena fit for the occasion as they play Cork City Hall. Shampain and X CLUB. are joined by Ladrin & Ayolxi as well as Charlotte Walsh.

Cork City Hall was once a pillar of Cork’s vibrant club culture, a scene that played host to some of house music’s most fabled DJs. The venue is very much associated with the deep and rich culture that electronic music holds in Cork, and it’s walls whisper tales of sweat-soaked raves that helped shape dance music today.

The venue has remained dormant as of late, until October 29th when two bonafide Cork legends Shane Johnson [Fish Go Deep] & Jamie Behan had the pleasure of playing the final set at the world-renowned Cork Jazz Festival at Cork City Hall. The next Irish DJ to be trusted with the key’s to the legendary space is Shampain, as the DJ, writer, curator, label boss and advocate for the Irish scene invites Australian natives X CLUB. for their first B2B.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday the 23rd of November.

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