The next edition from our In Conversation interview series comes from Scotland’s leading light in a new era of hard edged sounds, The Glaswegian rave maestro is taking the country by storm from selling out show’s in seconds, to bringing some of the most progressive club schemes to Scotland.. it’s clear that is pumping electrifying life into Scotland’s techno scene.

Scotland’s rich history for head banging techno has supplied decades worth of sweat soaked memories in basements across the country. While Scotland’s appetite for hardheaded sounds has kept the countries stomach rumbling for many years, the countries lack of support and infrastructure has somewhat held it back from progressing in the modern age. One name that has been propelling the idea of clubbing in Scotland to new and radical places is From earth shattering sound systems, no camera policies, jaw dropping warehouse raves with some of the most sought after names in no holds barred slamming techno, is pioneering the latest generation of rave obsessed Scots.

There is no ‘right’ way to experience techno, but in some countries the choice of experience is limited, while intimate basement parties hold a special place in rave culture, there is something to be said for experiencing techno on a weighty sound system in a monumental warehouse alongside thousands of other ravers. Basement’s like Subclub & La Cheetah have been providing intimate, deep-seated & hard hitting memories for many years, but is yearning for a new experience, and one that encapsulates the sound, feel and identity of the modern day club experience.

Aside from pushing hard edged sounds to new generations with new experiences, has been pushing his own music to stylistically contrasting territories. Releases on Amelie Lens‘s Exhale imprint and Detroits own Motech Records have cemented his name as an a modern trail blazer in the UK’s story of rave focussed techno. Having shared the booth with Dax J, Amelie Lens, Floorplan, Speedy J, SHDW & Obscure Shape1 and more, the Glaswegian is well equipped to throw it down on the big stages. has also been known to play all night long set’s which is a skill that is not particularly honed in on in Glasgow. Being able to tell a story in a longer format is not traditionally cherished in Scottish techno culture, yet seem’s obsessed with the idea of pushing his DJing to the absolute limits and this idea of striving for new destinations of creative goals seems to fall in line with everything he does in his music career.

We caught up with to chat about to life as a DJ and promoter, his relationship with Alt8, his life as a professional footballer and more.

Can you describe your sound to those who may be unacquainted with you?

High energy raw techno. Lots of fast-moving drums with energetic rave sounds.

What’s the techno scene like in Scotland at the moment?

The scene in Scotland is growing bigger every year, we are just missing some more clubs to keep it more exciting and less saturated for the current venues.

You’re heavily invested in promoting as well as DJing?

Yes, I’ve always loved being able to design and create all the attention to detail in the club night. People sometimes forget how important it is to be in the right environment for the music!

What strives you to continue promoting shows when you’ve succeeded so much as a DJ already? 

It’s just the buzz of your ideas coming together. It’s like fantasising over your ideal club night then making it become a reality.

You seem to lean towards big scale production events, taking inspiration from Printworks, Awakenings and these colossal techno parties. Is it difficult to run these kind of parties in Scotland? 

Yeah, I’d say that’s the standard I’m also trying to achieve here, it can be difficult because a lot of the high-end production equipment isn’t available in Scotland which requires trucking transportation, building a bigger team and much harder logistical in general as a lot of this needs to go through extra health and safety checks.

You sold out two Open To Close show’s at SWG3’s Galvanizer. Do you prefer playing extended set’s?

I love playing longer sets because I get to show a more artistic side. When you’re just playing 90min headline slots in Scotland you naturally sway towards tracks with a bigger impact, and you don’t have the creative side of building an empty room up and setting the vibe.

Coming from Scotland which traditionally has struggled with licensing law’s in terms of closing times for nightclubs. How did you prepare for Open To Close set’s as traditionally this is uncommon in Scotland?

To be honest this partly the reason of doing it, even from an early point in my career I was playing in places like Berlin and my set times were like 4-7am, whereas in Scotland clubs were fully closed by 3am, so the closing set here was typically 1.30-3.00am which was never enough. So, it was just a case of opening up at 9pm here and playing until 3am to perform a 6hour open to close. I always prepare two playlists, one as an opening/build up playlist which I’d make sure I stayed within this till midnight, then into my higher energy sounds.

You recently sold out the iconic Sub Club, which is no mean feet. How did this feel as someone who must have grown up in this institution?

Yeah, this was very special, I knew it was going to be a good one but to sell it out in a record breaking 10 seconds is just madness!

You booked Irish DJ & producer Alt8 to play for you recently. How did you first discover Evan?

I met Evan (Alt8) through music, and I was playing his rework of Marco V Believe In A God a lot which became a big track in my sets. He always said he’d love to play in Scotland, and I managed to slot him into my Transparency showcase which was a great night! 

– You’ve been hard at work in the studio as of late and you recently released on Amelie Len’s coveted imprint, Exhale. How did this release come about?

I got to know Amelie a while back through Second State and the Pan-Pot guys, so we stayed in touch. She was regularly supporting my earlier tracks in most sets, and I sent her an exclusive demo for EXHALE. She loved a few of them, and in the end, she changed her mind from the first track she wanted to sign but it was great to release here.

Your tracks are soaked in ravey energy and have a feverish power to them. How do you start a track, and what’s your production process?

I always focus on the drum and groove layers to try and create a unique type of energy. I always start of with the kick and bass group then build on the drums and percussion before adding any melodies.

Was there ever a moment where you believed you could pursue music as a career?

If I’m being honest it was always a goal for me, I didn’t know how far I could take it but I’ve always tried to stay humble. I do feel like I’ve been close to a big break a few times although I’m only about 10% of where I want to be long term.

You played football professionally until you’re late teens. Pursuing music after football is a drastic career change, how did this come about?

As a kid and early teen my full life was focused on football and played at a professional level for 5years. I just lost my passion for it and it started to feel less exciting as I was getting older. As soon as I got into music, I was just tunnel visioned into it and I’ve never looked back since.

What can we expect from you later this year?

Lots of new music, two 4 track EP’s full of originals, a remix for Riot Code out next month and a collab with Arman John on a more dance element that my usual sound. Of course I can’t forget to mention The Hydro on 30th December where I will be inviting Dax J, 999999999, SHDW & Obscure Shape and Lokier for Glasgow’s biggest ever indoor techno event!

You can purchase tickets to presents CONCEPT at OVO Hydro HERE & you can stream his new EP on Saura HERE.

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