This week’s Local Selection comes from Dublin City Italo dons, Bella Festa. The duo consisting of Aidan Thompson & David Diamond contributed their warm up set in Wigwam for FKA.M4a as this weeks contribution to the Local Selection. The two hour trip is packed Italo Disco, Synth Pop, House, Disco and so much more.

Bellafesta is a project created by Aidan Thompson and David Diamond during lockdown. It is a celebration of all things Italo Disco, Synth Pop, and Cosmic sounds from all eras and galaxies, as well as a celebration of all things Italo Disco.

Over the course of the last year, the lads have thrown some infamous parties at venues such as Tengu, Wigwam, and Hang Dai Chinese Restaurant. A unique variety of quirky dance music is played throughout the DJ sets, with a few guilty pleasures tossed in for good measure to round out the experience.

Last year, they brought their synthy goodness to Geneva, Berlin, and Heidelberg to mention a few. They have been scheduled for parties all around Europe in the following months, which we look forward to being announced.

Bella Festa’s contribution to our ever growing Local Selection series is a taken straight from the dance floor as the pairing have supplied their warm up mix for FKA.M4a. Aidan & David have perfectly crafted this warm up set, steadily bringing the energy to where it needs to go, while shifting moods and sounds with great ease. Running through a multitude of synth soaked sounds, this brings us through a trip through the decades with plenty of arpeggios, acid lines & infectious baselines.

The sun is shining and this mix complements the weather to perfection. This is your Wednesday soundtrack.

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