For the 164th Local Selection Mix we present a a no nonsense techno affair from Amsterdam based Decadance. The rising techno star has provided a hard techno and rave inspired hour and a half, drawing influences from the 90’s with a modern twist.

Hailing from Wicklow, Ireland, Decadance’s dissatisfaction with the monotony of rural Ireland was alleviated through experiencing central Europe’s illustrious rave scene whilst living in the Netherlands.

His productions aim to deliver hard hitting, fast paced techno whilst building cinematic atmospheres through the creation of emotional pads and energetic acid leads, often conveying feelings of euphoria and nostalgia. His fascination with other avenues of artistic output is also evident in his clever sampling of audio ranging from Plato allegories to Hunter S Thompson monologues.

His style of mixing is chaotic, aggressive & inspired by the old school tradition of transitioning tracks quickly whilst throttling the faders in the process. Having only begun producing in April 2020, he has already earned a debut label release on Otomo in addition to contributing tracks to the underground Irish scene which have been premiered by the likes of MOTZ & Techno Germany. He has also garnered support from the likes of MRD, Kobosil, Marcel Dune, Aahan, L A V E N & Vendex.

In addition to this, he is a founder & resident of Dublin based collective Thump, which prior to the virus, ran monthly parties dedicated to further broadcasting the pleasures of underground techno music.

For the 164th Local Selection Mix Decadance flexes his knowledge of the harder spectrum of techno, with flourishes of 90’s inspired hardgroove techno cuts, modern dystopian grooves and rave inspired anthems. Turn this up loud, it bangs hard.

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