The Local Selection Mix returns for it’s 170th edition courtesy of one of the most promising techno act’s on our emerald isle, James Cherry. The young DJ & producer has provided an hour long expedition into deep and winding soundscapes, equipped rippling synth lines and dazzling textures.

James Cherry has been loitering around the fringes of the Irish techno scene for some time, with multiple stand out performances in the seminal Hangar club and some recent show’s in Dublin’s newest techno fortress, Cellar.

The young DJ offers a divergent sound to the rumbling kicks and screeches that often inhabit Dublin’s sound systems from week to week. James Cherry delves into deeper territories with trippy melodies, metallic percussive grooves, pulsating modulations and direct techno power.

Having recently released on coveted label’s such as Berlin’s Corpus, Dublins Delinquent Delivery and most notably an album on the fabled Subsist Records which has been home to instrumental techno figures such as Stanislav Tolkachev, SHXCXCHCXSH, Ritzi Lee, Mike Storm & more. It’s clear that James Cherry is carving his name into history of Irish techno.

For James’s contribution to the Local Selection Mix he stay’s true to his clean-cut and spaced out sound, whilst delivering with power and precision. The youngster lyes on hypnotising rhythms and quivering energy shifts, as he keeps his finger on the trigger throughout the mix. Dancing around 90’s inspired rhythms and melodies, Cherry doesn’t trail too far pulsating modern sound, but somewhat hint’s at classic techno nostalgia. This is proper techno, from one of the leading driving forces in quality techno in Ireland.

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