This week’s Local Selection comes from Iva Mechakarova who has provided an hour of high octane bouncy techno, for those who like their beats fast, euphoric and trance infused. Iva show’s exactly what she’s about through razor sharp mixing and eagle eyed track selection.

Iva Mechkarova is a Dublin-based DJ who focuses on the faster ends of electronic music. Her sound ranges from industrial techno, trance and EBM and everything that fall’s in the middle. Iva’s mixes are an almagamation o her experineces on the dance floor as she blends hard kicks and dark synths to euphoric melodies and uplifting vocals.

Her years spent as a clubbing enthusiast have moulded her into the DJ she is today. Iva first spread her wings in Dublin’s club circuit in February of 2020, she has been bursting through the scene and now holds a residency with Manifest. She has played gigs in Dublin and Cork, as well as internationally in Glasgow and Berlin.

Iva has recently graced Cellar Club, The Soundhouse, Here and Now Club, Spailpin Fanach and more. The youngster has played alongside some industry heavyweights including SHXCXCHCXSH, Tred, Carmen Electro, Metaraph and more.

Iva’s contribution to the Local Selection Mix see’s her dive deep into bouncing techno grooves at a blistering speed from start right through to finish. Trance licked synth’s, pounding grooves and swinging percussion makes for a jolting hour trip through Iva’s mind.

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