We have the pleasure of hosting a live club recording from Jon Hussey at The Sugar Club for RLSD Records. Jon need’s little introduction, as he has been a key cog in the Dublin techno machine for many years, and boasts legendary status in Irish dance music’s framework. Jon showcases why he’s earned fabled status as a DJ with a trip through various moods, as Jon intertwines jacking grooves, deep and windings atmospheres and rolling bass swarms wrapped up into an hour of techno funk.

Jon Hussey‘s name carries weight within Irish techno, from playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, The Advent, Neil Landstrumm, Thomas P Heckmann and many many more to playing across Europe in some of the desired clubs. Jon has frequently played in Berlin over the years, and notably played alongside Mark Broom in the infamous Tresor.

Jon creates expertly crated techno, that is categorically deep, rolling and packed with intricate rhythmic touches, but when speaking about Jon, categorising it is utterly pointless, as his evolution as a DJ and producer is incessant. Jon has released music on Irish imprints Earwiggle, Delinquent Delivery and RLSD. His collaborations with the late Stuey Lyons [R.I.P.] are thought to be some of his best work, receiving widespread notoriety and support from some of the leading techno DJs in the world. Jon also notably had his work on RLSD remixed by Japanese techno icon Takaaki Itoh.

There’s something about a Jon Hussey mix that seem’s instantly identifiable, which on the surface makes no sense at all as Jon has an extremely eclectic style, but his mixes and DJ set’s have a real charm and originality that doesn’t come by too often, and they’re particularly distinguishable. This mix is no different, as Jon skips through a multitude of moods and avenues, letting tracks breathe at the right moments, and smashing the accelerator when needs be. Jon hammers through slamming grooves and intertwines warpy rollers alongside classic jacking cuts.

Live recordings seem to be a little less common than they were a couple of years ago, maybe because there’s an enormous amount of pressure for DJs to cough up podcasts every few months, which takes focus from live recordings. This is a raw live recording that’s a captivating representation of a real DJ at work, redirecting the vibe at the pinnacle moment’s and changing mixing style’s based on the room. This is a real treat.

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