Hardgroove operator and Izøtope resident DJ RAGUEL steps up for the 185th Local Selection Mix. The young DJs mix is littered with techno both old and new, forming a divergent world of dynamic techno grooves, complete with sharp-witted selections and striking selections.

Limerick based selector DJ RAGUEL has been carving a name for himself within the treaty county, known for high octane selections and sharp skills in the booth, his set’s have caught the eye of many within the techno scene.

Since joining izotope at the end of 2021 DJ RAGUEL has showcased his passion for the early 90’s/00’s rhythms with some clinical sets packed with
raw and feverish energy. Time machines aren’t available yet, but let DJ RAGUEL transport you to a basement somewhere in 98, and let the rhythm consume you.

DJ RAGUEL’s contribution to the Local Selection Mix is served up hot, smoking and dripping in unadulterated funk. The youngster is controlling rhythms like a seasoned veteran, not only picking the right tracks, but perfecting the timing of each blend. Long transitions are met beside rapid switch overs, while acid lines meet dub chords and syncopated grooves fly by menacing sequences. Tight mixing and elite track selection make this simply irresistable.

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