This week’s Local Selection Mix is a convulsive excursion through a number of bass heavy club moments from DDR resident DJ Egg. The multidisciplinary artist and DJ rips through a blend of tempo’s, time signatures and rhythms in what is an all encompassing journey through bass quaking & hand raising records.

Multifaceted artist and record selector DJ Egg has been showcasing a wide-ranging knowledge of bass heavy cuts within recent years, grabbing attention from club owners & promoters within Ireland and Scotland. Their days digging for music is intertwined with their artistic practice, and both equally are pegged for their inimitable, bubbly and energetic styles.

Known for their Jungle, Footwork and Club music driven DJ sets, from the beginnings in Limerick City throwing queer-centered events for their community, to now playing across Ireland and Scotland with their personal take on how they love to dance.

In 2022 they hosted two sell out pride events- DYKE NITE in Limerick City and Tengu Presents: Roo Honeychild and DJ Egg All Night Long. They’ve also played alongside Kode9, Diessa, Club Sylkie, Club Comfort and Sim Simma at All Together Now festival and have upcoming shows on support for Nikki Nair and Dancing For Money alongside Laurence Kapinga and the DFM residents.

DJ Egg’s contribution to the Local Selection Mix is a turbulent journey through electro, footwork, hard drum, grime, trap, ambient, drum & bass, techno and more.. ye this one is absolutely insane. DJ Egg’s ability to whizz through genres is so not only overwhelmingly slick but massively commendable, and a show’s their knowledge for both the craft of DJing, but love for music itself. This feel’s like the sonic version of a Quentin Tarantino film.

Photo Credits: Sorcha Frances Ryder

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