Cork-based hardgroove specialist MUNK steps up for Local Selection 206. The Broadcast boss man serves up a thrilling hour of high-powered techno funk, the youngster dives deep into the shuffling waters of 90s-inspired grooves, showing elements of dub, tribal, and house weaved within the mix.

MUNK formally known as Dylan Griffin is a Cork-based DJ and music producer. The young techno don’s knowledge of early 00’s and late 90’s techno reaches far past his years, giving him an upper hand against bang waggers in the 2023 hardgroove resurgence. Known as one of the many prospering young artists emerging from Cork’s techno scene right now, MUNK has been an avid techno digger for many years, earning him props from some of Cork’s most established DJs, promoters, and clubs.

MUNK focuses on funk-driven techno, drawing inspirations from all around the techno spectrum but mostly focusing on tribal and swinging techno grooves. MUNK easily transitions between the new and the old, striking the perfect combination of vintage warmth and modern strength. The young promoter, who runs Broadcast Events in Cork, has focused on bringing new and intriguing performers to his city, including  Arta FactAero, and Shannen Blessing.

MUNK’s contribution to the Local Selection Mix is a pulsating trip through textured rhythmic grooves, latching onto syncopated tribal funk, Detroit nuances, and bouncing basslines. MUNK leans on the colourful side of techno at all times, the youngster often known for house music excursions seems to carry this through into his techno sets, often keeping his mixes radiant and sparkling. The hour-long mix is relentlessness and funk-driven trip through tribal grooves.

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