The next edition of the Local Selection Mix series comes from Derry native Shay Whelan who pieces together a pulsating techno workout. The youngster hones in on forward-thinking minimalistic funk that pays tribute to the 90s while also carving out a space for innovative sound design and modern power.

Next up on the Local Selection Mix is a well-overdue contribution from Shay Whelan as he supplies a blistering hour of classic and grit-laced club-focussed techno. The youngster is best known for defying genre limitations, and weaving between techno, breaks, house and electro, however on this occasion it’s straight-up techno, no bullshit, no frills, proper order.

Shay who was born and raised in Derry, has a remarkable list of accomplishments to add to his techno CV. Over the past few months, his productions have garnered support from industry heavyweights such as Mall Grab, Kettama, and I Hate Models, amongst others. With an original style that is characteristically built for dancefloors, Shay easily captures that high-octane club sound that DJs often desire.

Shay seamlessly blends through various straightforward and dynamic loop-infused cuts. Moving through bleepy nuances into snarling forward-facing funk tools. Shay keeps his foot firmly on the pedal on this hour mix, leaving little room for water breaks, or any pauses for that matter. The Derry native’s ability to keep a constant rhythmic flow is unmatched and you can feel the wheels moving from the bellowing subs right through to the crisp skipping hats. This is music for movement.

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