This week’s entry to the Local Selection Mix comes from Dublin-based industrial powerhouse, 3.2KM. With his foot firmly on the throttle throughout, the hard techno boss delivers an unrelenting hour mix that leans into dark and haunting atmospheres.

Dublin-based 3.2KM has become synonymous with a new wave of Irish hard techno & industrial producers. The young DJ and producer has been immersed in warehouse-style techno since he started his producing adventure in 2022, becoming a master at creating mechanical and cinematic industrial soundscapes.

In the time after, 3.2KM gained a reputation for his distinctive sound, which he consistently presented to his audience through his mixes. An aggressive, strong, and sinister road is what he intends to take his audience on. Since breaking into the scene, he has played across Europe and shared the stage with numerous influential figures who have shaped his career and personal philosophy.

Industrial screeches, warped rhythms, and rough textures are on show for the Dubliner’s debut on the Local Selection Mix. 3.2KM creates dramatic tension through dark and murky atmospheres while layering high-octane rhythms, creating an aggressively immersive trip through the trenches.

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