The 234th Local Selection Mix is soundtracked by Dublin dance music royalty, Charlie. The veteran DJ shifts through his soul-soaked stacks, selecting a mesmerising hour of rare cuts from glittering disco to dusty jazz-touched grooves.

A familiar name to many, Charlie has been slinging records since the early 90’s. It all started after his first visit to Side’s DC in 1990, Charlie knew he wanted to be a DJ and began a lifelong passion for music. It was around this time that Charlie would begin his association with Abbey Discs, the Dublin record hub and Mecca for Irish DJs.

Charlie was well-known in the mid to late 1990s for his basement parties at the Ferryman on the quays and whatever other venue he could find. He then went on leave for a few years, returning in 2008 after spending some time with his family.

His return to the booth included a support set for the revered Darren Emerson alongside hosting a weekly show with Phever Radio. Following this Charlie would begin to collaborate with friend Pat Hyland to form the Northside Loft Society, which held shows in Tengu. Charlie often performs in Dublin venues such as Hang Dai, Izakaya Basement, Pawnshop, and The Big Romance, to mention a few. Charlie is a proud local DJ who oozes coolness from the moment his fingertips touch the platter of the turntable.

Charlie’s submission for the Local Selection exemplifies his remarkable talent for delving deep into his huge collection to unearth hidden jewels and timeless classics, resulting in a nostalgic sound that remains as fresh as ever. Charlie’s masterful hour sees him draw on various coins of influence, effortlessly blending elements of jazz, funk, soul, and disco, while also pushing the timeless sound of Dublin’s hallowed rave era in the 1990’s. This is a real DJ at work, take notes.

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