For the next edition of our Local Selection series, we present a recording of ROWDIBOI & DECADANCE’s peak time set at Life Festival 2023. The two Thump founders/residents combine their rave and hard groove influences to create an eclectic, hard-hitting hour of power, featuring fast transitions and chaotic fader throttling throughout.

For the 207th edition of the Local Selection mix, we present a special live recording from Life Festival as Thump residents and co-owners Rowdiboi & Decadance go full throttle on the Index stage. As the sun splits through the sky of Belvedere House in Mullingar, ravers begin to wander into the main arena as they face the final day of raving at Life Festival.

The Thump DJs were sandwiched between District 8 boss Moduse and rising star MELTX, however, the pair held no qualms for the DJs before or after them, as after all it is a festival, and anything goes down. In Mullingar, there are no warmups. Rowdiboi & Decadance rush into a frenzy of swirling hard-edged rhythms, beginning with a contemporary rave classic from Shlomo which sets the tone for a pummeling hour of hasty mixing and no holds barred style track selection, in other words, they played a heap of banging techno.

The mix remains fairly much relentless for the full hour, taking a number of deranged twists & turns, such as the hard techno edit of Calvin Harris ‘I’m Not Alone’ which comes bursting into the set at around 20 minutes and speedying over 150bpm already. The set isn’t all edits and rave stabs, as the pair fire through a number of heads-down locked grooves, from schranz to rumbling hard dance. The tempo’s continues to rise alongside the temperatures at Life Festival, with an assortment of Belgian-influenced weapons and punishing edits such as the menacing refix of ‘Partiboi69 – K On My D+C Feat. Juicy Romance’. The pair close things off at the ferocious speed of 200bpm, confirming their I don’t give a fuck attitude at a pinnacle show for the pair. Banging, to say the very least.

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