Dutch techno label Emerald celebrates its 5th birthday with a 5 track offering from label owner Remco Beekwilder. ‘The Dusk Hour’ showcases a powerful and ritualistic approach to techno production as Remco leans on 90’s inspired rhythms for the landmark release.

Remco Beekwilder‘s Emerald imprint has been a stronghold within the techno scene in recent years. As the label approach half a decade in existence, Remco leaves behind him a trail of non-comprising techno cut’s that seem deeply personal to his artistic approach while also remaining truly faithful to the dancefloor.

“My vision is plain and simple. It’s all about creating an independent and timeless musical platform, in order to create opportunities and inspire people.”

Remco’s desire to formulate a sound that is derived by 90’s and 00’s techno records comes from the unbounded framework that these classic records built on. The Dutch label owner put’s a strict onus on libertarianism from release to release, often stumbling on off-kilter grooves that simply command a feeling. The prioritisation of originality has created a home for music that exceeds expiry date.

I feel privileged to work with so many great people that genuinely inspire me and I feel honoured they have chosen the label to give value to the scene with their music. The label wouldn’t exist without the support from vinyl enthusiasts and of course the producers providing their music. Remaining relevant with the label in times where the expiration date of releases are significant shortened is just something I’m truly grateful for. This all just drives  me to keep the ball rolling.

The 5th anniversary record is a delightful blend of 5 tracks reflecting the years of the 5th year anniversary celebration. ‘The Dusk Hour EP’ embodies the power and ritual potential of the night, making the Dutchman’s new EP truly emerge in line with the label’s output and the spirit it is intended. With the hallmarks of 00’s pressure, he sweats his technique on new fundamental resources.

When asked about more Emerald releases beyond the 5th anniversary Remco is quick to answer with forthcoming plans.

A few solo EP’s are scheduled with mostly music from talents that will make their debut on the label this year, a double vinyl VA is in the works, at least 2 solo EP’s from myself and new merchandise.

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