Stop what you’re doing, Orbital have just released new music. The pioneering electronic music group, have reworked their classic record, Satan, 30 years on from its original release.

Satan was originally released as part of the ‘III’ EP. The original delved deep into darker sounds, resulting in one of rave’s most recognisable tracks and one that has become a firm favourite during Orbital’s legendary live sets.

30 years later the duo revisit the formative rave track. Twisting the track into a baroque, 4:4 driven piece of electronic angst, Orbital take its iconic, breakbeat fuelled 1991-released track into a whole new groove.

Satan, written before the dawn of chime. Through thick and thin it has always remained in the live set. This track has naturally evolved, shape-shifting over time, taking on many forms. This current incarnation of Satan is how we play it now. It is a far cry from its humble beginnings harking back to the Belgium Nu Beat style which was popular at the time Satan was born in Dunton Green.

Never play it backwards after midnight.” – Orbital

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