Blakkheart has released an emphatic new single entitled ‘Emerald Underworld’. The track is littered with influences from Gaelic heritage including fairy tale’s and folklore, as well as more modern electronic music influences from Roisin Murphy and Aphex Twin.

Blakkheart is a versatile and modern day multifaceted producer, she encompasses production, audio engineering and vocals as a basis of her creation. She works from her plant emporium home studio/library – and operates as a music producer, vocalist and audio engineer to a variety of international artists. She has also composed the theme song for the hit podcast Friends of Dorothy (guests include Rose McGowan, Mara Wilson and more). A truly multifaceted artist in process, creation and content.

Her latest single ‘Emerald Underworld’ is deeply ‘nspired by Roísín Murphy and Aphex Twin, with lyrics that mix the worlds of Science Fiction with fairy tale and folklore. Emerald Underworld weaves a dark tapestry that deals with living on the fringes of society. 

Blakkheart wrote, produced, and mixed the whole project. An spooky electronic background with vintage Hollywood strings opens Emerald Underworld before a hypnotic, sub-bass-fueled rhythm takes over, drawing inspiration from alternative electronic music of the 1990s and early 2000s.

It is set in an Emerald Underworld; an otherworldly plant with lush forestry where two people who live on the fringes of society, watch the world around them, hidden away and unseen. They are deemed unclean and generally disliked by society as a whole, however, a man comes along, takes them under his wing; and promises them that one day they will be like those they look up to, clean, divine, adored and accepted, “ And we saw tongues/ Made of crystal/ You told us/ One day we’d speak, with them too”. They spend their lives out of sight, sterilizing every part of themselves until they are ready to emerge, purified; with the promise that they will be embraced with open arms.

Time goes by, and they start to suspect that they have been lied to. The day they have spent their lives waiting for never comes. When they realize that they stayed hidden away for false hope, they give in to the internal darkness they kept at bay; letting it consume them entirely, as it was always going to ‘ The Underworld is calling/ And I’m going back to stay/ Return to the cave/From which I came/ I did your dance/It left me lame’. 

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