Jamie Roberts better known as Blawan returns to XL Recordings with a 5 track EP of deconstructed modular experiments. The EP entitled Dismantled Into Juice is the follow-up to Blawan’s previous outing on XL ‘Woke Up Right Handed’, and it sees the UK producer move further away from the dancefloor with 5 genre-bending cuts.

‘Dismantled Into Juice’ is out now via XL Recordings. The story of Blawan‘s latest project begins with the captivating vocal shrieks of rising singer Monstera Black which then mutated into five of Blawan’s most forward-thinking and bohemian styled left-filed cuts to date.

Blawan released the lead single Toast last month, which quickly turned heads, and signaled a further scramble away from Robert’s square-shooting techno offerings. The new project quickly garnered a string of noteworthy plaudits from revered outlets The Quietus and The Guardian.

On Dismantled into Juice Blawan once again proves his impeccable ability to consistently reinvent himself as an artist from post-dubstep sub growlers, forward-facing hypnotic techno snarls & experimental club cuts with Karenn, Blawan now returns to our systems with genre-melting modular swells like never heard before. Jamie Roberts is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most gifted electronic acts of this generation, and his second jaunt on XL back this up entirely.

Blawan changes gears once again as he departs from the restless world of techno releases and into the eccentric realms of probing modular experiments, with 5 tracks of cutting-edge off-kilter electronica. Blawan remains unapologetically gritty on Dismantled into Juice, but the UK producers swaps thunderous four-to-the-floor techno hammers for crawling disassembled modular experiments that howl and unravel in a delicately organic manner.

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