Cailín released her first EP of the year on [R]3volution Records yesterday. The hardware fanatic provides five tracks of mind-bending techno, featuring dazzling synth lines, snarling bass growls and splitting acid lines.

Waterford based techno guru Cailín has gone from strength to strength in recent times. The hardware fanatic and self proclaimed vinyl snob has been carving a name for herself in Ireland and Europe as someone who values and honours the core traditions of techno, both on a functional and philosophical level.

Over the last number of years Cailín has achieved a number of landmark achievements including featuring on Boiler Room on two occasions, most recently at the coveted AVA Boiler Room, a mix on Feel My Bicep’s podcast series, a release on Ben Sims Symbolism and many more accolades that have cemented her name as one of the most cherished artists in Irish techno today.

For Cailíns first body of work for 2022 she returns to Rotterdam based techno label, [R]3volution Records. The Waterford producer featured on the imprint earlier this year on a remix compilation alongside Casual Treatment, Audio Units, Decoder, Rraph and more.

Cailín’s second appearance on the revered label, see’s the Wateford native capture kaleidoscopic atmospheres through deep and winding synth work, and definitive hard edged drum grooves. The EP is a hypnotic journey through sinister undertones, as scattered grooves and sequences take centre stage on ‘DKW’ & ‘Gorilla Grief’. The title track ‘Time Slip’ is quintessential menacing techno from Cailín, as she lyes on jarring drum hits, piercing acid and harrowing drones. ‘Dismantled’ brings the pace up as Cailín dabbles in peak time euphoria, as metallic drum hit’s swirl around and gyrating drones cause a ruckus. ‘Low Vibrations’ closes out the EP with spaced-out pads, scurrying synth lines and quivering percussive hits, a trippy finale to a head scrambling EP.

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