Delinquent Delivery returns with the Saol Fórsa Ep, 2022’s first edition with a four track Various Artist Ep with tracks from Stuey Lyons & Jon Hussey, James Cherry, Stephen Mahoney and Snakbite_616. The all Irish roster of techno producers is packed with precise, engaging rhythms and melancholic tones, offering a fresh take on modern techno.

The various artist VA is a superb offering of the strength of Irish techno, ranging from seasoned techno producers to newcomers. The VA also notably leads with a collaboration from Jon Hussey and the late Stuey Lyons [R.I.P.], the record is a special tribute to Stuey who was an integral part of the Irish techno scene.

Jon Hussey & Stuey Lyons Saol Fórsa opens the VA. Irish for ‘Life Force’, a title Jon Hussey has given the posthumous work that he completed after the untimely passing of our dear friend Stuey Lyons, label collaborator and DJ. Saol Fórsa sets the tone straight away, with whirling synths and syncopated rhythms that fly and soar throughout. The Hi Hats get the party started as it thunders along through filters while added FM synths penetrate. It is a party starter that is both a true and encompassing tribute to our friend and producer Stuey Lyons who will remain in our memory forever.

We would like to thank also one of Stueys many music friends Tadeo for providing his analogue track summing which adds much warmth and fullness to the track.

James Cherry ‘Double Down’ follows suit and may be a pick for fans of Oscar Mulero. James Cherry, fresh out of his studies in Sound Training Center in Dublin, James’ music is enigmatic, fresh and mature beyond his years. Double down gets off to a quick start with a groove that draws you in with synths and rhythms that grow and develop over the track, by the time you get to the break, carnage ensues, we need to say no more.

Stephen Mahoney ‘The Hammer’ follows on the B-Side. The Hammer moves in the same vein as the A side of Saol Fórsa but is completely different in style. Prime-time dance-floor material, this track drives forward with ferocity and grace, hammering through with poignant congo’s and sub effects as it growls through with slight modulation. It slams.

Snakebite 616 closes the EP off on his return to Delinquent Delivery with a fever pitch production that will send any dance-floor into the galaxy! It is a smooth, fresh, fun, funky and slamming track, the perfect combo for any party starter.

You can Pre-Order the EP HERE.

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