Sunil Sharpes Earwiggle imprint recently announced their next offering with a 5 track EP from Italian producer Marco Bruno. The German based techno mechanic supplies a juggernaut of an EP that runs through techno, electro and jungle.

Sunil Sharpe‘s Earwiggle label start’s 2023 off on a strong foot as the Dublin based imprint welcomes Marco Bruno to the fold. The Italian born producers debut on Earwiggle follows a string of well regarded releases on Symbolism, Hardgroove, Trunacte, Machine and more.

The 5 track EP follow’s Earwiggles latest release ‘Music For The Wilted Generation‘ which featured The Mover, Keepsakes, Kerrie, Arjun Vagale, Ingen and more. Marco Bruno’s ‘The Logic Behind’ EP keeps in line with the labels lust for diversity as it presents a multifaceted package of hard-edged sounds.

The EP dips it toes in straight forward machine driven techno, murky half-steppers and gut-wrenching jungle. The EP echoes label owner Sunil Sharpe’s desire for diversification, bringing his mixed-bag approach to DJing to his label. The EP goes against the grain of recent trends and hones in on an assured approach to releasing quality dancefloor moments that last the test of time.

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