Cork native Murademura debuts on Hybrasil’s Elevator Program label following his stint with Elevator’s online academy in music production. The release is a marriage of moods & grooves, as Murademura channels raw house flavour, dubby atmospheres and techno leaning intensity.

As Cork-based Murademura sets his sight on his debut release with Elevator Program‘s newly coined label, there’s a shared sense of fulfilment within both the Elevator team & Murademura himself. After discovering a friend’s vast record collection, curiosity kicked in for Murademura, and this lust for discovery has festered into something quite spectacular in recent years.

After so much time spent looking for new music Murademura decided to try his hand in the studio, and join Hybrasil‘s Elevator Program. Following a successful relationship with the course, Murademura now debuts on Elevator Program with a three track EP.

“The treatment of sound has always been a source of fascination and it’s something I return to again and again. Following that need to create. Giving form to sound. Rhythm & Sound”

The EP opens with ‘Aspire’ which ushers listeners into a beautiful realm of 90’s nostalgia. An addictive acid line meanders sweetly into dreamy synthesizers, while the broken percussion rhythms provide energy, vitality and groove. Punchy percussion and sharp hi-hats feature on ‘Ultraviolet’ to further showcase Murademura’s newly found and expertly crafted sound. The title track ‘Nights On Lake’ commands the listeners entire attention with its drifting pads and wandering synth lines that glide across the face of the track. These sounds are refined and sophisticated for the foggy hours of the morning.

Elevator Program graduates continue to advance professionally due to the courses proficiency and level of expertise. The label has already seen releases by Will Kinsella and two juggernaut EPs from Irishman REOSC in its brief existence.

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