Fontaines D.C. have released a deluxe edition of their album Skinty Fia, titled Skinty Fia go deo. The album is backed by a remix from Orbital alongside a live performance from Glastonbury and live recordings from the Skinty Fia sessions.

Fontaines D.C. have released a new edition of their Skiny Fia album, titled Skinty Fia Go Deo, which translates to ‘Skinty Fia Forever’. The moniker honours a special moment in time for the band’s history and unites live performances, covers, and reworks from the Skinty Fia era.

The album includes a fresh remix from UK dance music royalty Orbital as they rework “In ár gCrothe go deo,” alongside a live recording of “Big Shot” from Glastonbury, and numerous renditions of Skinty Fia favourites from the “Skinty Fia sessions.”

The new deluxe edition also includes various covers, such as versions of Whipping Boy’s “Twinkle” and U2’s “One.”

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