We premiere new techno from one of the most exciting dance music producers coming out of Los Angles right now, 1morning. The rising star releases his debut EP on Fixed Rhythms, showing his innovative production techniques as he harnesses a loop-driven sound that is oozing with 90’s flair & syncopated funk.

LA based 1morning has been turning heads within the American techno scene as of late, and he’s set his sights on conquering European dancefloors. A recent stint on Hör alongside some dates around Europe and some notable appearances across Basement New York, Nowadays and more have been impressing dancers and promoters alike.

The young producer has only sprinkled a small bit of music across the techno world but his debut self-released EP ‘TRANSITIONS’ was the perfect introduction to his vintage and locked groove style of production. 1morning also boasts a forthcoming split EP with Irish native Céilí on his impront Mála Ádh. Taking inspiration from the likes of Robert Armani, DJ Rush, and more, he captures an old-school style of production that focusses on rhythm, funk and grit. This is no-bullshit, no-business, all-thriller techno for the real ravers.

We premiere ‘Signal Flow,’ a high-octane and driving piece of 90’s inspired techno funk. The surging minimalistic style that 1morning has crafted allows each elements to not only breathe, but shine. This intricate approach to sound selection provides an infectious call & response that makes the loop completely contagious. Sharp stabbing synths that leave traces of vintage Joey Beltram take centre stage, with shuffling high-hats and delayed claps keeping the rhythm pulsing and gripping. This is true loop-driven techno, made with meticulous attention to detail.

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