Today’s premiere comes courtesy of Acid James as he releases the first single from ‘Breaking Through’ his two-part debut album on his imprint, NOIDEA. ‘I’m Calling’ lays the foundation for the second part of the album, the track calls on warped breakbeats, shrieking vocals, menacing acid and off-centre rhythms.

James fell in love with electronic music, synths and off-kilter rhythms from the adolescent age of twelve. James called on inspiration from artists such as Bonobo and Paranoid London, fuelling his passion for acid and intricate sound design. From his early club days performing disco, afro and house, the 303 acid sound kept finding itself amongst his sets. Now the core of each part of the album, his love for acid house is ever-present.

Breaking Through is a two-part debut album from Acid James on his NOIDEA imprint. Both parts are built around a natural soundscape, using recorded samples from James’s travels. His passion for music and club culture still drives the underlying pulse of each track. The album is a euphoric psychedelic experience.

‘I’m Calling’ open the second part of the album in a calm but somewhat nervy fashion, as soundscapes soar around the track, quickly shifting between acid, vocals, glitchy percussion hits, but euphoric pads and bass remain consistent for the journey of the track. Acid James captures an eery yet somewhat comforting vibe in this frenzied symphony.

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