We’ve got another funk soaked techno groove to round off a solid week of new music on Four Four. Chlär steps up to remix Alec Dienaar on Deadline Records, and the Swiss groove maestro is once again proving that he is one of the most clinical and prolific techno producers on the planet right now.

Deadline Records present their first EP as a label following, a strong debut VA with tracks from The Chronics, Nicolas Volger, Specific Objects and more. The first EP ‘Perpetual Groove’ comes from Alec Dienaar, a fresh new name in the techno scene.

Alec is a young talented producer and DJ based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. His unique style can be described as groovy, funky with an old school touch. You can hear his passion through out his sound as he likes to sample old tracks turning it into a new track. His inspiration comes a lot from the late 90s and early 2000s.

With his groovy percussions, dirty basslines and unique chords, you will he is most definitely setting himself apart from the crowd. Also included are Remixes from Chlär, Hyden, Maxx Rossi and Versus.

Chlär‘s remix is just what you can expect from the Berlin based techno wizz kid. Chlär calls on thriving bass grooves, prickly chord stabs and rolling percussive rhythms. This is proper techno.

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