We premiere new music from one of our favourite techno producers right now, ANNĒ. The Greek producer features on Frenzy’s second VA with a cracking high-octane techno track that is bursting with lush sweeping synth lines and ANNĒ’s signature sharp percussive grooves.

Dutch based label and party Frenzy have been front runners in the 90’s techno renaissance in the Netherlands. The team aim to curate an authentic and dynamic imprint on modern-day techno while paying homage to the golden age of techno.

The teams second VA release aims to explore the idea of past and present techno dynamics with a fruitful crop of progressive producers. The double vinyl release comes packed with 12 tracks representing their trademark sound. Buckle up – it’s time to step into the time machine of speed and light.

ANNĒ‘s contribution to the release is a stunning piece of high-powered techno that is forceful and celestial. Heavenly pads over an enchanting hook to great effect. ANNĒ’s intricate percussion carries the track, keeping the groove rolling at all times. A devastating piece of high-octane techno made for the early hours.

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