We premiere new music from Amsterdam-based techno acts Argie as he features on JFNS. We feature a groove-laced piece of minimalistic techno that growls from the belly up as Argie keeps things locked, rolling, and icy.

Electronic Pulse is a distinctive new EP that includes a range of emotions and auditory landscapes of modern techno. It showcases various artists’ ability to marry hypnotic rhythms with intricate soundscapes. Each track, from Serti’s entrancing “The Minimalist” to Dani Duran’s loop-filled “Drop that Beat,” contributes to a pulsating journey into the heart of electronic music.

We premiere music from Argie – an Amsterdam-based producer fueled by his love and passion for electronic music. He has released his productions on a variety of labels, including Sensum Digital, Black line
Recordings, SUBEQ Music, and more.

Argie’s passion for sound engineering goes hand in hand with his love for live sets and the experimentation of live jamming. With many years of experience testing hardware and software, from modular systems to DAWs, from controllers to analog instruments. He educated himself on performing hybrid live sets by using analog instruments in combination with his own digital productions. Providing him the opportunity to blend his way of performing with the environment of any venue.

We premiere his latest offering, ‘Dust,’ which draws inspiration from classic minimalistic techno yet totally the newer generation of techno’s infatuation with pulsating rhythms with influence stemming from tribal aesthetics and spacey atmospheres. Argie brilliantly encapsulates what nu-groove techno is all about – the fascination of the future while clutching at the roots of authoritative minimalistic grooves.

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