We feature new music from South African based BNinjas as he presents his latest release the ‘Shake EP’ on Dealt With Records. We host the premiere for ‘We Could’, a lush deep house exursion that leans on breezy organ chords, rolling bass grooves and silky percussive grooves.

BNinjas (pronounced BEE-Ninjas), hails from the northwestern township of Kagiso – which translates to ‘Peace’. The realtively new name in house music, represemnts a new era for the genre, coming from where could argue is the new epicentre of deep house, South Africa.

The unmistakable hallmark of BNinjas’ artistry lies in his ability to craft deep house soundscapes that defy convention. Characterized by distortions, atmospheric elements, and an experimental edge, his compositions exude an organic aura that captivates listeners. This distinctive feat is no small achievement in the modern world of house music, setting him apart as a true innovator.

BNinjas’ Shake EP represents a boundless voyage through the realms of deep house, where he crafts a unique and mesmerizing sound, staying true to the genre’s roots while pushing its boundaries.

‘We Could’, represnts a true classic in the realm of deep house, displaying utter coolness and effortless funk. BNinjas showcases crackling ambience through souldful staccato organ keys harmonizing with a complimentary bassline. As the track progresses, an elusive vocal excerpt emerges, broadcasting only a few cryptic words before being engulfed in a storm of distortion. Here, the music encapsulates a message of peace, love, boogie, and understanding.

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