We’ve new music coming from Bristol-based producer Borai who features on Vernacular’s sixth various artist release. We feature ‘Got To (Have Your Love)’ a quintessential look into Borai’s adoration for the UK’s rave & hardcore scene, as he musters up a club-ready tool that features razor-sharp amens, screeching vocals, and brazen rave stabs.

After almost 2 years since away from releasing compilations, Vernacular Records returns with the sixth installment of its Vernacular Foreigners series. This time the label invites 21 artists from all over the European electronic scene, from Paris to Marseille, through Bristol, Montpellier, Sheffield, Plougrescan & more.

We premiere music from one of Bristol’s most cutting-edge rave-inspired producers, Borai. The influential DJ & producer has been DJing for more than 15 years, bringing effusive energy to any number of styles from dancehall to dubstep through to house and of course his first love, jungle. This melting pot of inspirational reference points simmer into his creative DNA, equally fuelled by years spent working in record shops across Bristol.

We feature ‘Got To (Have Your Love)’ a fusion of the Bristol-based producer’s various inspirations rolled up into a club-focussed energy lifter that is simply defined as high-octane contemporary rave music, in other words, ecstasy-laced UK dance music. Borai showcases his prowess in intricate yet powerful drum programming as he fastens up a number of nuance drum breaks on heavy rotation and pairs them up with sub-churning subs and vintage-style rave stabs, add in an authoritative vocal and you’ve got a perfect slice of ravey heaven.

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