Today we premiere a thunderous industrial techno track from one of Cork’s trailblazers from a new generation of distorted techno, as BUCA supplies a free download. The young producer showcases his vision of techno which heavily lyes on brutal atmospheric grooves.

Charlie Foley better known as BUCA has been steadily grafting within the Cork techno scene in recent years. Over the past 12 months the young DJ and producer has become a firm fixture in the city’s expansive techno circle, and has become the go to man for supplying cavernous rhythms and distorted mayhem.

Cork’s appetite for techno remains unparalleled within the context of Ireland’s dance music scene, and the county seem’s to be spitting out some of the countries best techno DJs by the minute, with each DJ honing in on their craft and having a vast knowledge of the culture of their slice of techno. BUCA is one of the latest DJs to arise from the underbelly of pounding rhythms in the rebel county, and his appetite for industrial techno has seen him become a firm favourite for all things gnarly and tough.

BUCA has only recently started sharing his music after a long period of producing music behind close doors, and perfecting his trade. His debut track Muerta came on Imminent Records in September and acted as a bold introduction to the rapturous sound of BUCA. Muerta caught the attention of plenty of techno heavyweights including Tommy Four Seven, Cassie Raptor, SNTS and many more.

BUCA’s latest track Conclusion show’s BUCA at his finest as he explores the realms of bone shattering techno, while remaining somewhat poignant and atmospheric. In the world of harsh and slamming techno tracks can seem somewhat lethargic and lacking in dynamics but BUCA has managed to create a hypnotic and vigorous groove which is utterly relentless. Excellent new release from a prosperous producer.

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