Our second premiere of the day comes from Rave Residence boss Cameron Glasgow as he features on his own imprint. ‘No More Tears’ is a sun-kissed rave anthem that leans on 90’s trance elements while still clutching onto blooming deep-house grooves.

Hailing from Belfast, Cameron Glasgow has made a name for himself within the UK & Irish club scene. Dedicated to pushing new and emerging talent, the youngster represent a new generation of DJs and producers, blissfully blurring the lines between genres and breaking down barriers for newer name within the scene.

The youngster is best known for his label Rave Residence which has built up a stellar reputation for shining a light on talented emerging artists within rave culture. To date, they have amassed 2m+ streams in tandem with their rapidly growing rave community on social media over half a million members.

The label celebrates it’s 21st release with a single from their very own founder Cameron Glasgow. ‘No More Tears’ is a triumphant anthem that crosses borders between house, trance and techno. The emotionally charged summer anthem gelled together with rolling 90’s style bass grooves, deep-house tinged chords, celestial pads and melancholic vocals.  This liberating rave anthem is set to light up dance floors as we relish the end of the summer.

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